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Featured Authors

A Dose of Murder
By Lotus James

Can one American family and their loyal friends take on Big Pharma? When evil destruction comes after one of their own, the Foster family joins forces. Haley & Jack Foster want the traditional American life – good jobs that contribute to others; a family of their own; and a nice, safe place to live. Fateful events continue to happen, robbing them of their dream. Jack’s career demands are intense in his position as Chief Research Scientist at Chadwell Pharmaceuticals. Since he won’t join the old boys’ club, his research team is targeted, along with him. Events take a turn for the worse as the hammer of Big Pharma comes down, turning the lives of many into heart wrenching nightmares. Will Jack and Haley find the unfettered life they both deserve? Will the Foster family prevail, overcoming a maze of spying, surveillance, and conspiracy?

By Bruno Martins Soares

Back when young Byllard Iddo (The Dark Sea War Chronicles) was a lieutenant in Hull 3 of the majestic Magnar ship, he will have to step up when his crew start snapping at each other. In order to keep the peace, Iddo must find the cause and solve the problem.

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