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Featured Authors

by Omar Daniels

John Carter and his partners are tasked with keeping our world safe from demons while trying to stay ahead of ‘The Guard,’ an organization that wants the opposite. Along the way, things get shaky, and John must figure out who his friends are, who are his enemies, and how to save the world.

His journey doesn’t have an ending…

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Favorite Podcasts/Shows

Quite Frankly TV
A nightly talk show for current events, hidden history, the human condition, and the great beyond.
The Secret Teachings broadcasts focus on the Synchronicity and objective analysis of Parapsychology, Pop- conspiracy, Para-politics, Health, History, the Paranormal, Symbolism, the Occult/Esoteric, Alchemy, Magic(k), Philosophy and more in the most distinct ways by finding parallels and patterns often overlooked.
A show that deep dives into conspiracies from around the world. We aim to reach out to subject matter experts, compile information, and present it to you, the listener. We hope you have a definitive opinion by the end of the episode.
Master engineer, multi-patented scientist, 7-time best-selling author, world-renowned public speaker, mentor. Tune in to one of the most recognized voices in podcasting for news and analysis of Earth and the universe. We might go a little past your imagination, but have no fear. You will be safely traveling with us. Following this program will treat, cure, and prevent the disease of ignorance.
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This referral link is approved by R.T. Breach