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Recovering from a highly dangerous mission in Iran. MI6 sent Joey and Sandy to New Zealand thinking they’d be safe, but a freak ‘accident’ changes all that. As it slowly dawns on people that the ‘accident’ is nothing of the sort they have to face the question “Have they been tracked down?” is their cover ‘blown?’ Launched into a breakneck-paced investigation, where they have to stay not only one step ahead of the assassin, but also ahead of the Police they uncover a web of drug smuggling and corruption that reaches right across the globe, but then again, Scorpion
team also has a very long reach.

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A vicious murder. A corrupt department. And a failed assassination. Does justice even exist anymore? Alexa Blake is a career detective with a chip on her shoulder. After months of being stonewalled, she’s giving up on her corrupt department and taking matters into her own hands. She’s out to frame the crime boss who killed her best friend. Putting him away for the murder of his own wife, Felicia, is too delicious to pass up. But everything goes terribly wrong almost from the start. When Felicia wakes up in the hospital with full recall of what happened, Alexa’s in trouble. She has one last chance to set things right. She’ll sneak into the hospital and silence Felicia for good this time. But she faces a challenge she never saw coming in the form of a doctor she has an unforeseen connection with. If she goes through with the murder, she just might lose her soul. But if she doesn’t, her freedom and perhaps her life may be forfeit.


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[NOTE: This is a darker introduction to the Lost DMB Files. If you prefer a more optimistic outlook, go ahead and download Reefer Ranger and then follow the links at the end of the story to begin your adventure with “Del Rio Con Amor,” the origin story of our dreamer/hero, Chancho “Del Rio” Villarreal.]
Ranger J.T. McCutchen is as black and white as they come. He likes his law with a long arm and short trial. He delivers the verdict via Colt .45, up close and personal. But protecting his Texas borderlands against the increasing turbulence of the Mexican Revolution pushes him to the brink. South of the border and alone, he’s blindsided and left for dead. Fractured, both physically and emotionally, the once singular man is forced to either reinterpret himself or the world around him. His decision will imprint the history of nations.

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