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His long-ago lover brings a cryptic letter to Paris, pulling Eddie Grant reluctantly into a perilous web of love and death. A novel of Paris and World War II. As a Special Forces commander, Eddie Grant learned well the lethal skills of close combat. When he took up his role as a wealthy and prominent Paris businessman, he doubted he would ever need them again. But when Jen Wetzmuller comes back into his life, rejuvenating his suppressed grief over the murder of his family, everything changes. Jen’s father is run down on a leafy Florida street, but leaves behind a letter hinting at the location of a priceless Renaissance painting he and Eddie's father had sought fruitlessly at the end of the war. Against his conscious will Eddie embarks on the path of revenge and redemption that will end only after he brings a rough vigilante justice to the murderers. Along the way, he and Jen restart the brief, fiercely passionate affair that he abandoned, to his regret, twenty years before. The second time is at least as memorable as the first. It doesn’t last, but it does clear Eddie’s head and make it possible for him to restore relations with the love of his life, the beautiful Sorbonne professor he had once left behind. Most of all, Treasure of Saint-Lazare is a novel of Paris.

Rest, relaxation, and cool beers on the horizon. Former Special Forces Major William Brody is finally due for some R and R. Just trying to clear the brutal shadows of the past from his mind, Brody’s next mission is clear: Spearfishing and Scuba Diving in warm clear tropical waters, with some cold beers on the beach. Just living the dream. As Brody makes friends with the locals settling into the island retreat, his plans for peace and relaxation are suddenly shattered. After weeks of terrorizing the island paradise, a ruthless Arab captain finally commits the unthinkable: he kidnaps a group of young girls from the village. Heartbroken and scared for the children, the people look to Brody for help. Time is running out. When Brody rallies the villagers to form a rescue team, he realizes he is the only one with the specialist skills for this kind of work. With nothing but basic weapons and an old wooden sailing boat, Brody feels the weight of the dire situation. The lives of the girls are on the line, with the slave markets of Somalia only days away, the clock is ticking. Brody leads his ragtag crew across the rough and lawless ocean, knowing they are the only hope for the young girls. Once Special Forces, always Special Forces, he’s got this! With Brody at the helm, they’ll find the girls or die trying.

A genius sixteen-year-old. A terrorist’s twisted revenge. Can she stop a catastrophic cyberattack from bringing America to its knees? Anna Goode can’t wait to put her brilliant mind to work. Officially part of the CIA’s undercover unit of talented teenagers, the gifted inventor splits her time between tinkering and espionage instruction. And now she’s been tasked to protect a US congressional delegation from a cunning enemy’s destabilizing hack. Slipping into London under the guise of innocent spring-breakers to expose the hacker, Anna’s laser-focused hunt gets derailed when she’s ambushed and tased. Suspecting a traitorous mole could destroy their mission, the whip-smart teen rallies her fellow young operatives for a counter-attack… only to discover another danger threatening to be far worse. Can Anna and her team foil a devastating plot before they’re stopped in their tracks?

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