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What happens when society fully embraces virtual reality?

2050. New York City. Civilization has abandoned the real world for the pleasures and thrills of the virtual reality platform, SCAPE. Its mass adoption has changed the dynamics of humanity and now…crime. How do you solve an impossible murder…one that didn’t even happen in this reality? Dashiell Kincaid, a cocky security consultant known for his knowledge of SCAPE’s systems, is called to the scene of a murder but is quick to find that this one is much more than it seems, as it somehow crossed the bounds of SCAPE and into everyday life. Kincaid’s quest for the truth reveals a deeper conspiracy than he bargained for and leads him to question the nature of his society, reality, and even himself. The Terminal Code is a futuristic sci-fi crime thriller that examines humanity’s relationship with technology and reality. J.W. Galliger’s debut novel turns the “locked-room mystery” on its head with vivid characters, creative settings, and a breakneck plot that will keep you begging for more. Perfect for fans of Neal Stephenson, Ernest Cline, A.G. Riddle, Martha Wells, Blake Crouch, T.M. Haviland, and more.The close-knit community surrounding the estate is the perfect place to hide secrets and lies. RJ finds herself searching for the weakest link that will allow her access into Buchanan’s sinister world. Thrown together with a partner who clearly hates her makes RJ even more determined to prove herself to the elusive Kingfisher organization. Remote, desolate, and beautiful, the hills hide a killer lying in wait. Can RJ close the case before anyone else is subject to the same fate as Sullivan? Before she is hunted herself?Why is each woman dreaming the other’s life? Is it real? What does it mean? More importantly, if one of them stops dreaming what will happen to the other?

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