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Karl Gruben Spy Thriller Series

The stakes are high: a career on the line and nuclear secrets up for grabs…

Karl Gruben, a junior Mossad agent, thrust into a last-minute clandestine operation. His first assignment as a team leader: kidnap a runaway Iranian nuclear scientist. Dr. Vahan Nafisi witnessed the brutal murder of colleagues, barely escaping with his life—and secrets to nuclear supremacy—to America.

Gruben must secret a freshly formed team of hard-edged agents into the U.S. but his own inexperience, bad intel, and technical difficulties plunge them into a dangerous labyrinth of hazards. As he pursues the fleeing Dr. Nafisi, Gruben collides with a web of other international espionage agencies all bent on nabbing—or killing—the scientist.

Can the Mossad capture Nafisi in time? If the Iranian thugs, hell-bent on returning the doctor to their labs, get to him first, nuclear secrets will thrust the world into imminent peril. Karl Gruben must pull his team together, zero in on their quarry, and keep the whole thing a secret from American authorities in a race against time to save his career, the lives of his team, and protect humanity.

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