A jack of all trades, R.T. Breach was born in Nuremberg, Germany to American parents. J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit ignited his reading habit circa 1985. It laid the foundation for creating stories. Lacking the skills, Breach kept fantasizing, but did not write any stories down for decades.

The scifi genre captivated most of his imagination during the formative years. Naturally, the first novel he produced had a scifi theme to it. Hidden underneath the Terminator and ninja movie images in his head, espionage stories lurked. When a friend’s book contained an underdeveloped Mossad agent, he couldn’t resist. Thus, the Karl Gruben Spy Thriller series was born.

The author graduated high school and promptly joined the US Navy. He served as an Electronics Technician for six years. Though he dabbled in creative writing, life got in the way with a wife and children. Alas, the novelist career was put on hold. One day in 2017, the author found himself jobless. With loads of time on his hands, he finally put words on paper decades after the first inspiration. That 120,000-word first novel has yet to see the light of day. However, the appetite had been whetted.

Since that initial foray into novel writing, R.T. Breach wrote a second, unpublished scifi novel. It was after that book that he focused on truly pushing a manuscript to the finish line. With many more stories (both espionage and scifi) to come, R.T. Breach strives to bring entertaining, fun, and gripping tales to readers.

R.T. Breach lives in Dallas, Georgia, with his wife, two dogs, and a Ball python.