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One day,  I began pulling the cryptocurrency thread. Nothing really grabbed me until I grasped the concept of decentralization. In other words, no central banks acting as middlemen. Its a fascinating revolution. It took a lot of reading and watching to gain a mostly clear understanding of cryptocurrency. So, I decided to create a web page to help get people started. Below, you’ll find links to helpful sites, podcasts, exchanges, and wallets. (Fine print: this isn’t financial advice. Do your own research. I’m not getting anything from these links with the exception of the Emrit Coolspot sign up.) 

What is it?

Crypto-Casey is one of the first podcast I came across when I went looking. She’s clear and concise with short episodes that get right to the point. Check out her first 6 episodes and you’ll be well on your way.

Another excellent podcast and Youtube channel. In depth, well spoken news and education about cryptocurrency. 

The Whiteboardcrypto videos make it as easy as it gets. Everything crypto explained with narration and drawings. 

Coingecko is a market news site. They also offer little crypto courses where you get ‘candy’ that you can exchange for various things like courses and badges. Great place to look up info on a specific crypto.



Coinbase has an exchange and wallet.


Emrit cryptocurrency mining is a simple device you plug in and forget about. It communicates via RF with other nearby devices forming an IoT network. All you do is provide an internet connection and a tiny amount of electricity. Its fun and easy. Click the banner to get started mining crypto.

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