Herman Baader and the First People of Evolution eluded authorities.

A captured Mossad mole sang like a canary, pointing them in the right direction—Mongolia. Picking up FPE’s trail, Karl Gruben joins forces with the American Central Intelligence Agency. They embark on a quest through the Gobi Desert in pursuit of Herman Baader and the First People of Evolution.

FPE has a head start, but they’re making slow progress. The company of agents struggle to stay unified. One of the CIA operatives is risk averse and Gruben is no holds barred. When CIA and Mossad egos collide, they jeopardize the entire mission.

Will the team of clandestine warriors capture Baader? Can they keep it together long enough? Weather, equipment, and personalities stretch thin in the desert. What they discover is more terrifying than any of them imagined. The world is under attack, and clueless.

Buy Operation Blue Eagle and set off on a wild journey through the stark land of Mongolia!

Now Available:
Book 1 – Operation Palmetto
Book 2 – Operation Watchtower

Coming Soon:
Book 4 – Operation Raven Rock