The First People of Evolution are planning an attack.

Backed by Chinese communists, FPE aims at murdering Israeli representatives in a spectacular terror attack. The Israeli Mossad has picked up on the violent anarchist group. Herman Baader, leader of FPE, has waited years for vengeance. The time has come—ignite a worldwide campaign of chaos.

When Karl Gruben and his team of agents uncover the plot, they race to stop it any way imaginable. As time runs out, suspicion mounts that a mole has penetrated the Mossad. Baader knows Mossad is onto the scheme. But he can’t stop now. Not when he’s so close to success.

Can Gruben and his intrepid colleagues intercept a train hurtling toward a bridge rigged to detonate? Will a traitor in their midst save himself or die trying? The world is counting on Karl Gruben and neither is expecting what’s about to be unleashed.

Buy Operation Watchtower today and strap yourself in for a twisting, turning tale of intrigue, bravery, and courage!

Now available:
Book 1 – Operation Palmetto
Book 3 – Operation Blue Eagle

Coming Soon:
Book 4 – Operation Raven Rock